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About Furever Memory

My name is Jay Joseph and, like you, I am a lover of our four-legged family members. For some of us, our pets are our children, and just as sentient as any human being.

I never had the opportunity to have pets while I was growing up. In fact, it wasn’t until I was 40 when I had my first four-legged family member: Ginger, an apricot Toy Poodle. She came into my life when my partner moved in with me. She was already 12 years old and we had an instant connection. We were both Aquarians, and whenever my partner would call her, Ginger would come to me! I had the honor and pleasure of experiencing her unconditional love for 5 years before she made her transition to the Rainbow Bridge. Letting her go, missing her, and grieving was the hardest thing I had ever gone through. A week to the day after we set Ginger free, CJ (another apricot Toy Poodle) entered our life and I LOST it! I cried for 2 weeks straight, lost 10 pounds and slept a lot. I wasn’t done loving Ginger and didn’t know how to start loving CJ. Then one day I realized that Ginger wanted me to experience what I hadn’t had the chance to experience with her, and that was the “puppy years.” So 2 weeks later, I snapped out of it and opened my heart to CJ. Knowing and loving him has been one of the brightest spots in my life... (continued below)

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When CJ was 2 years old, I was traveling a lot so we got a sister for him. Entrance cue for Petite Shiraz. Rozilla when she was being bad (which was quite often!!) and Roz for short. Roz was a pistol and we had the absolute pleasure of sharing her life with her for 11 years. In April of 2018, Roz contracted a rare form of Cancer. We didn’t want her to live in pain and came to the painful decision that we needed to set her free. We had the Vet come to the house to help release her in a space of L O V E. She had been to the Vet so many times in the past year, we just didn’t want her to go out that way.

I was filled with so much sadness, but I needed to process it differently than I had when Ginger had passed. I wanted to remember her fondly, with love and laughter. I decided to create a Memory Video, and I posted it on Facebook so we could share her life with our friends and family who had met her. It was a cathartic experience for me, and I was passionate about it. I received so many positive comments and several requests from friends for their own videos. That, as they say, was the beginning!

After Roz left us, CJ was very depressed (wouldn’t eat or get off the couch when we came home) and we knew we needed to do something to help him as well. Entrance cue for Penny, an apricot Toy Maltipoo. She was so much like Roz it scared both my partner and me, but she is definitely a wonderful addition to our family. After she was with us for a couple of months, I created an Introduction Video of Penny and posted it on Facebook for our friends and family. Again, we received many wonderful comments and requests.

I began working on a name for the company and a logo, and I had the pleasure of working with another pet lover and very creative woman named Sabrina Alcasas, who designed the logo and assisted me in coming up with the company name. The name I originally wanted (Forever Memories) was taken and Sabrina said, "how about Furever Memory?" … and here we are today!

I really hope you enjoy the sample videos on our home page, and I look forward to talking with you soon and helping you create your FUREVER MEMORY.



Jay Joseph

Founder of Furever Memory

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